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Who Uses Filtroe?

Let’s face it, there are two types of people in the world… those who keep every single email ever sent, and those who strive to keep their personal inbox at zero. Your free Filtroe email address offers an easy and free solution for managing emails you want to keep out of your personal email account.

On top of email organization, Filtroe supports paperless receipt management. If you’re on a mission to break up with paper, receipts are the obnoxious Ex who won’t stop calling, or showing up on your doorstep. Any time you’re unable to provide your Filtroe email address during a purchase, you can still snap a photo of the paper receipt and send it to your Filtroe email.

So whether you want a better way to organize emails that you never intend to delete, or if you want to get back to “Inbox = 0” status, our inbox organization frees you from the clutter and stress, providing the “all-in-one-spot” email management tool you’ve been dreaming about.

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Receipt Organization

Why People Love Filtroe

Decluttering Personal Email

Sending all of your receipts, promotions and important emails to your Filtroe email address relieves you of a messy, unorganized inbox. Did you hear that? Your inbox just sighed with relief.

Paperless Receipts

No more shoeboxes of crumpled paper receipts or scrolling endlessly through your emails to find a store receipt. Now you can manage all of your receipts in one spot! Go paperless by taking a picture of your receipt and sending it to your Filtroe email. You can also use your Filtroe email address for any purchase in-store or online.

Increased Efficiency

The days of wasting time shuffling through crumpled paper and endless emails are over. Storing your transactions and emails into one email account gives you the ability to quickly search and locate a receipt, ticket, invoice, coupon or confirmation. Our simple application provides an easy way to help you locate what you need in just one-click.

Security & Privacy

Your personal email is private, and we intend to keep it that way. Avoid fraud and increase your email privacy by using your Filtroe email address for any shopping receipts, financial documents, travel details and retail promotions.

Financial Organization

Money management isn’t a skill set –– it just requires having a process. Filtroe puts you in control of your spending and important documents by providing a simple organization process. With features that allow you to stay on track of important budgets, shipping confirmations, travel details, deals and more… say goodbye to a disorganized lifestyle- say hello to digital bliss.

"Filtroe’s organization is one of my favorite features. Before I used it, sorting through receipts seemed to take forever, but not anymore."

- Scott Hawkins, CPROK

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We Believe in Freedom from Clutter

We offer a one-stop solution for email inbox organization. Signing up for a free Filtroe email address will give you immediate access to organize paperless receipts, invoices, shipping confirmations, travel details, coupons/promotions, and more!

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