Getting Your Email Inbox Under Control: 3 Tips to Make Your Email More Efficient

If you're like most people then you’re in a constant struggle to keep your inbox clean and manage your emails. In fact, a recent Adobe Study found that people spend 6 hours a day checking their email. This is a huge chunk of time and distracts you from doing more important things. Like, for instance, living your life or doing your job.

Having a good plan and organizational strategy for your inbox can make you more efficient, greatly increase your productivity and make you an overall happier person. There are a couple of strategies that can help you better manage the time you spend on email. Here are three tips that will decrease the hours you devote to email and help reduce the stress associated with the constant stream of messages you receive.

Five-Sentence Rule

When responding to messages try adopting the five-sentence rule. As the name suggests, it means every email your write shouldn’t be longer than five sentences. This may seem like an impossible task but, in reality, it’s all you really need to convey a message to someone. If you absolutely need to go longer, then it’s probably better to pick up the phone and call the person.

Your emails really only need to answer the following:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you want
  3. Why you are asking
  4. Why they should do what you’re asking
  5. What the next steps are

That’s it and that’s all anyone really needs to take action. Adopting the five sentence rule also forces your to cut out any fluff making your communication more concise and making it more likely someone will read it in full.

Manage Subscriptions

You should try to get good at filtering and cleaning up your email subscriptions. Promotional emails and newsletters can clutter up your inbox. And, if you’re not careful, then your email will quickly get swamped.

Newsletters and promotional emails aren’t the only offenders here either. Automated messages from social media have a tendency to clog your inbox with useless information, too. Do you really need to know the exact moment someone comments on the picture you posted to Facebook? Probably not. Getting your social media notifications under control can go a long way to keeping your inbox clean.

Create a Simple File Structure

Most email clients like Gmail let you create folders. Coming up with a simple filing system can help keep your inbox clean and can help you stay organized. The trick is to make sure you stick with your system and not get off track. Which is easier said than done if you get a barrage of emails on a daily basis.

You need to stay vigilant and sort your emails the minute they hit your inbox. There are programs and services out there that can help you with this. A Filtroe account, for instance, can help you sort everything from promotional emails and coupons to important documents like reservation confirmations, shipping notifications, and digital receipts. Moving these messages over to our platform helps you keep a nice and tidy inbox. 


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