An Easy Solution to Business Expense Organization

Tired of lost receipts or an office cluttered with paper? This week, we are excited to announce the introduction of our business platform, Filtroe for Business

Filtroe for Business is a digital tool that provides expense organization for your email inbox to help your company stay on budget and hold employees accountable. This new solution not only promotes expense organization similar to our free accounts but also provides an easy way for employees to track invoices, bills, and more; in one place. 

Here are some ways businesses have already started using Filtroe to stay organized:

  • Corporate spending
  • Business travel receipts
  • Shipping confirmations
  • Bills, invoices, and statements
  • Travel itineraries
  • Procurement orders
  • ...and more!

Expense organization is no longer just for savvy consumers; businesses now have the chance to enjoy organized and trackable receipts, invoices, itineraries, and other important documents from their whole team!

To start using Filtroe for Business, simply create a Filtroe for Business email account and invite team members to join through the dashboard. You and other employees can start enjoying paperless receipts by giving your Filtroe email out when making transactions or sending a picture of your receipts to your account to automatically be categorized in the appropriate folder.

Ready to get even more organized? Check out our different plans today and free your business from clutter.

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